A blogger? A content creator?

Experience new ways to get rewarded for your content.


A freelancer?

Scale your income by offering your service as a product. Name your price, apply your ideas, enforce your expertise, earn at your own terms.


A resource owner?

Extract the maximum value for your assets. You already own it, you already invested your time and money creating it, why not make it work for you?


A change maker?

Expand your reach and make your voice heard globally. Respond to the world's need for useful information and real solutions. 




- Write a title for your product

- The title must be a brief description of what your product is about



- Take the time to describe your product in detail

- Product description must be compelling, self explanatory, understandable, comprehensive and detailed as possible

- Remember, this one time investment gives you the potential to earn repeat income, so it's worth to put your time and effort describing the product



- Prepare 10 keywords for your product

- Be in the mindset of the user, what keywords or phrases are they most likely to use when searching for your products

- Providing proper keywords will help not only for searching within The Knowery but also for your products to get identified by search engines such as Google and Bing



- Provide a recommended use for your product by describing it according to how you used it / would use it

- If the product is a repurposed asset, describe what you used it for and how it helped you



1. The more unique your product is, the higher you can price it.

2. Factor in TK commission when pricing your products. 25% commission is collected by The Knowery for premium products.

3. Find comparables from other channels. Some products such as graphic resources, music, e-courses, e-books, photos and videos have high market saturation. Competitive pricing must be taken into consideration.

4. A lot of products are exclusive at The Knowery. Examples are repurposed pitch decks, repurposed research papers, product and invention designs, substantial database and more. These products can fetch a higher price. 


5. Be fair with pricing and keep in mind: A. The likelihood of your product being purchased repeatedly, making you a profit for a one time investment. B. To entice our Knower community to choose your product over choosing to DIY or outsource their resource needs.

6. Maintain a healthy balance between your desire to price it for profit and what price the market could bear.

For products that don't make the cut as a Premium Resource, they will be added as a VIP Knower product ie products purchased through the unlimited downloads subscription. Upon submission of your product, we will approve your product as either a Premium Resource or a VIP Knower resource. You have the option to cancel should you wish otherwise, however, we encourage you to see the benefits of having a good number of your products as a VIP Knower resource. Read about your earning potential here.